Highway Prelube

Protect your engine from startup wear with a small investment in prelube

With legislated idle restrictions going into place and fuel costs spiraling, engines are being shut down and restarted many more times during their lifetime.

As an owner operator or a fleet manager you know that keeping equipment cost under control is key to profitability. It is well understood that most engine wear happens during cold starts. That is because vital oil that is needed to protect the bearings and other moving parts of the engine drains back to the sump. Even overnight oil films can become very thin leaving the stage set for a bearing to "wipe". If direct metal to metal contact occurs during startup your engine is never the same. The damage caused by the first wipe will generate more friction and heat leading to progressive damage that soon requires an expensive rebuild.

Prelubing your engine every time you start it is the best way to be sure that oil is always protecting its moving parts. Compare the cost of a prelube system with the cost of engine overhaul and down time. It just makes sense to protect your expensive engine.

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"Cold Start" can destroy bearing surfaces and lead to progressive failure. "Cold Start" failure is caused by lack of lubrication at startup.

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